Google Earth

Wow, here’s an application I’m sure you’ll find some use for it – it’s Google Earth.
It’s basically a program that allows you to browse the world in 3D, complete with really detailed texture map, terrain and buildings (only in U.S. cities though…  ).  And guess what, it’s absolutely free!
Now you can start cancelling your holiday plans to the Grand Canyon  !

Media censorship

Ok, is it only me or does it piss you off when you watch the news / listen to music / watch TV shows, and they edit out all the "inappropriate" materials (such as swear words, "graphical" scenes etc…)?  I mean, shouldn’t it be down to the audience to decide whether they want to watch / listen to it?
The reason why I’m saying this is because this always happen on the media (not so much for stuff on the web – thanks goodness!) and I just think censoring the media totally ruins the experience – it’s like reading a poem only to have a paragraph taken out just because our traditional view suggest it’s inappropriate – for fuck’s sake, if you don’t want to watch / listen to it, hit the "mute" button or turn the bloody thing off!!!
That brings me onto the next point – media complaints.  I just think it’s stupid when people stay in front of their TV for an hour or two watching a show, only to complain about it afterwards – yes, I agree if the show suck in it’s content / performance then you should bitch to the producers about it (but you shouldn’t have wasted all that time watching the whole program in the first place!).  But if it’s about the fact that someone swore or if the show presented some well intended, accurate, truthful and informative content that upset some people, then I suggest the producers reply with some of the following suggestions: 
• Don’t watch the show.
• Accustom yourself to the "mute", "power off" and "channel selection" buttons.
• Get up to speed with the everyday language! (for swearing complains)
• We live in a real world and unpleasant things do happen – you should have read the warnings! 
However, as I’ve expressed, I do agree some sort of warning(s) should be there warning the audience what is in the program, before the person tunes into the show.
So for the relevant licensing authorities (or whatever you call them), stop ruining the experience for everyone and further educate people on how to protect themselves against materials they don’t want to see!

Website design annoyance

One thing I noticed on many websites that really annoys me is that they are still optimized for 600 x 800 resolution screens – I mean, for fuck’s sake, who the hell nowadays still use that resolution (600 x 800) for their computer monitors!?  Yes I know there are mobile devices our there that are incapable of displaying anything higher than that, but I mean, there really ought to be a separate section on the website that is specially designed for those devices.  Or better still, use CSS to take care of all the formatting
It just really annoys me whenever I view a website (such as this one – MSN Spaces) that there are tonnes of blank space on the right-hand side of the screen and all the other elements are crammed inside a tiny space.
So web developers – get you sites sorted!  And forget about 600 x 800 screens for non-mobile device users!
Oh, by the way, my website is (ahem…) broken for 600 x 800 screens…  I might fix that later on by using different CSS with a default of 1024 x 768 resolution.  (Actually, I might have came across a way of detecting screen resolution automatically from somewhere before, if you know how to do that, can you contact me?)

Well, I’m finally on MSN Spaces

Hello everyone, after a long time, I’ve finally decided to waste 10 minutes of my life to create a MSN Space.  But at the moment, I can’t think of what I can use it for… arh well…
In the mean time, if you want to look at some of the stuff I’ve already published, please go to – but it’ll only work when I’m singed onto Messenger / when my computer is on – I just can’t be asked to get it hosted somewhere else, lol.