I’ve had it with RealPlayer – it’s officially the worst player I’ve ever used!
Why do I say that?  Here are some reasons:

• Less-than-pleasant installation experience:
Ok, even before you get the software downloaded, you need to hunt for a tiny link on the website that says "Download the free RealPlayer only".  Then there’s the actual installation, which seems to take forever to complete, not to mention the installer launches the main program (realplay.exe) + the "other" program (realsched.exe), which serves up "news" and other crap as pop-ups.

• Keeps nagging me to "complete" the installation:
This is another thing that really annoys me, after installing the player, every time I lunch it (and i mean every time!), it tries to connect to the internet in order to "complete" the installation – this is very annoying and misleading – since all that does is merely show you some ad. for you to upgrade to the premium player (if I remember correctly…) and setup some sort of account on the Real Network (can’t remember exactly what type of account, but it’s got nothing to do with the actual software installation!).

• Launching the "other" program:
I kinda covered this point before, but still, whenever you launch the player, realsched.exe tries to make a startup entry (which I hate!) and the rest… (of serving up crap etc…).  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think executing something by default without the user’s knowledge is a good idea when you try to have people to like you software – arh well, what do I know…

• Player doesn’t close properly:
Yes I know, this is a problem on my part (somehow…) and probably not due to the player, but for some reason, whenever I close the player down, realplay.exe never actually get closed.  I try to terminate it via Task Manager, nothing happens…  And when I try to close some of the handles with Process Explorer (to try to help killing the task – don’t ask me why / how that would help…  I just thought I’d give it a try), my computer crashed and restarted itself.  It was at that point I decided I’ve had it with RealPlayer  .

However, I have to give credit for the Real codec – it does a good job at keeping the image free of artifacts for low bit-rate streaming media.  Also, the un-installer is worth a mention since it’s fast and no fuss.  I guess at least this way, people can get rid of this piece of crap quickly  !
Oouh, and what do I use now to replace it?  You’ve guessed it, Real Alternative!

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    hey nice informative site here.. i like what ur doin!keep it up =DIndi

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