Laptop battery result

Ok, after installing SpeedswitchXP, my laptop’s battery life extend from 2 hours to 2.5 hours (of "average" continuous use – not strictly controlled condition I know… but still…) and the amazing thing is – the laptop’s exhaust is nice and cool!  Just goes to show how much "juice" is wasted in producing all those hot air…
But don’t you think it’s a bit stupid that laptop battery don’t last longer than a few hours in the first place?  I mean, the whole point of having a laptop is so that you can be mobile and not tied down by wires – 802.11 (Wi-Fi) kinda sorted the network connectivity problem out but the battery… well… what can I say…  It sucks!
Can someone please develop some kind of "battery" that can last at least a day of heavy usage… and not cost us half the price of the laptop…
(And better still, also use more energy efficient components in future versions  – so it won’t burn your lap when you use it as a true lap-top!)

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