URL Snooper

Yup, another software recommendation / review – man I’m gonna end up having so much more crap in my PC,  !
Anyway, this time it’s a program called URL Snooper.  It’s basically a special purpose packet sniffer designed to sniff out multimedia URLs (such as those beginning with mms://, rtsp:// etc…).  I found its user-interface pretty user-friendly and it allows you to do things like filter, search and launch external applications (like launching a download manager to download those sniffed URLs) easily – even without first reading the help file.  But yes… I know… we really should read the help file first anyway before we use the application… (of course we always do that, don’t we  !).
So far, I’ve found no problems with the application but you do need WinPcap (a driver that allows other application to use to capture packets) installed first before you can launch URL Snooper (or you’ll get an error message – like I did… hehe).
The application does a good job at sniffing out multimedia stream URLs, but unsurprisingly, it won’t server you as a general purpose packet sniffer (and it wasn’t designed to be one in the first place!).
(Oh, just in case you are interested, before this application, I used NetworkActiv PIAFCTM (Version 1.5.2 – the free one).)

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