Grrr! Stupid dust!

Don’t you just hate dust inside your computer.  I mean, take a look at these photos (taken from inside my computer):
You can see my heat sink is totally clogged up with dust, no wonder why my fan is making such a racket…
I could clean it if it’s easy to do, but the problem with this computer is that the heat sink is attached to the black plastic casing (see photos above) and I can’t just lift up the casing – doing so will also detach the heat sink to the CPU and… well… seeing that I don’t have a lot of experience with computer hardware, it’s best not to do something that could potentially fry the CPU (if the heat sink is not re-attached correctly).
So the only solution is to have it "fixed" by someone else since the computer still under warranty…
(The thing that pisses me off is that all they’ll probably do is simply clean out the inside of the computer and return it to me it (5 – 8 days later…) saying the system is fixed (for a few months before the dust builds up again…) – when I could have done it in 10 minutes myself with a bit of risk…  Arh well… at least it’s not costing me any money to have it done  .)

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