Speedswitch XP standby fix

Hum… there’s always (at least) 1 annoying bug in every piece of software I ever liked…
This time, it’s Speedswitch XP’s inability to re-adjust the processor throttling level after resuming from standby / hibernating mode…
Anyway, here’s the "quick fix":
—–Start of batch file—–
echo off
powercfg /s "Always On"
powercfg /s "Speedswitch Control"
—–End of batch file—–
Copy the above content (between "start" and "end"), paste it into a batch file, assign a hot key to it using a program of your choice , execute every time you resume from standby.
The reason for applying another scheme first before applying "Speedswitch Control" scheme is because the "Always On" scheme contains a different throttling profile than the one in SSXP (providing you don’t use the "Max. Performance" profile in SSXP…).
I know this is not pretty, but it’ll have to do for the mean time…

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