Longhorn is no more…

As announced by Microsoft, there’ll be no more Longhorn…  Urm… I didn’t mean MS lost all the source code of Longhorn but more like they’ve finally come with with a product name for it.  And the name is…
I know what you are thinking, and I don’t like the new name either (as with many people, I suspect…).  To me, the name "Vista" just doesn’t have the same punch as "XP", plus "Vista" would be better suited as a brand name for a credit card!  Not only that, it also sound (and make you feel) well… stupid saying the phrase "I’m using Windows Vista!" – try it, it has the same effect on you as if you say "I’m purchasing with Vista!"  .
Personally, I much prefer the codename "Longhorn" or why don’t they just call it something simple and to the point like "Windows 2006"?
Not only do I not like the name, I think the logo also suck.  I mean, they’ve put all those effort in the GUI of the OS only to slap a shitty, cheap, plastic looking logo on it…  I guess it’s the turn of the marketing team to learn how to make their stuff shiny.
Well, couple years ago (2001 I think…), they got away with calling XP well… XP, but this time, I think they’ve screwed up…
(To MS marketing dept.): You know, it’s not too late to change the name and logo, it’s only been a day (or less) since the announcement…
What do you think of this latest announcement?

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