ZoneAlarm Pro -Ver 6.0.631.002-

Hum…  maybe this version is more secure than the previous versions, but there are a couple of things I find kinda annoying straight off.
But lets start off with one thing Zone Labs have definitely done well on – the "OS Firewall".  It’s function is to basically monitor activities other programs initiate to the operating system, such as making startup entries.
Unfortunately, that’s the only thing in my view that Zone Labs have improved on since the last version.
Now… onto the things I kinda don’t like (alright, hate!).
First of all, under the "Program" tab of program control, Zone Labs have added a column for the "Trust level" and "SmartDefense" configuration but unfortunately, taken out the "Pass Lock" column (as seen in pre-6 versions).  This I find really annoying as I allow some programs internet connectivity though my firewall lock and now, there’s no way of easily telling which program can pass through the lock and which one can’t – which, can be a potential security risk…
Another annoying thing about this version is the fact that it changes most of my program settings that I’ve specified to ask for internet connection / server rights to deny.  This meant I’ll have to manually, re-configure them to ask again – and since there’s no way of doing it to many programs at once, I’ll have to do each one manually…
So overall, this is a just very slightly improved version but there are a few things Zone Labs really needs to sort out before it becomes as user-friendly as the previous version – 5.5.
(But since I can’t be asked to roll-back to 5.5, I’m stuck with those annoyances…)

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