Google Map vs. MSN Virtual Earth

Hum…  This should be interesting, both are web-based and have very similar features.
Anyway, just for a change, I’m going to get straight down to the main good and bad points of those services instead of ranting on how many bug there are…
Google Map
• Good coverage of the world
• One can download a program and use it offline – a very big plus!
• No mouse scroll-wheel / button support
• Lack of a temporary area to dump search queries
• No live query update
• Non-Full screen style
MSN Virtual Earth
• More refined user interface than Google Map – easier to use
• Support of a temporary "dump" area
• Live query update
• Only contain map data in North America (at time of posting)
• Very patch imagery data (at time of posting)
• Seems like the are using very old imagery
• Zooming control is sometimes borken…
• Only works in a web browser (i.e. no downloadables to use offline)
• Zoom in causes pixilated transition – kinda ugly
So which one would I use?  Well.. if I can, neither…  Instead, I’d use Google Earth, it’s a much more flexible program that you can download for free, you really need to use it to see how cool it is.

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