Dell’s customer service (or lack of)

Yes, I know they did fix my fan (which I’m grateful of), but that only happened after some chasing ups and getting ignored a couple of times…
My experience of Dell support was not actually bad at all – in fact, I was quite impressed by it.  Ok, let’s rewind a few years back when I needed a new HDD replacement for my old Dell computer, here’s what happened:
1 – I phoned Dell saying the HDD is screwed and I need a replacement.
2 – The next day, the PC is collected.
3 – Without any chasing up, I was contacted a week later and my PC returned to me – at first, I weren’t at home, a card was left there informing me a delivery had been attempted.  And guess what, the delivery guy came back later that day and I got the system back!  No fuss, end of story.
Now in 2005 (alright, 4-ish weeks ago…) I emailed Dell hardware support for a fix to my noisy CPU fan, here’s what happened:
1 – I gave them an email about my CPU fan situation. (3rd JUL)
2 – Dell automated response system sent me a confirmation email when I say wanted to get in touch with tech. support. (4th JUL)
(No reply for a week – My first email gets completely ignored)
3 – A week later, another email to Dell hardware support asking whether they got my first email. (10th JUL)
4 – 2 days later, a phone call from Dell telling me to create a new user account to see if the situation can resolve itself (urm… I though I’ve already explained that it’s not due to CPU usage in the email sent on 3rd JUL!). (12th JUL)
5 – Another day goes by, finally, Dell place a service call for me. (13th JUL)
6 – System collected. (15th JUL)
(I have to say, at this point I thought "ok, everything’s sorted!")
7 – Dell called (probably to tell me they’ve received my system) but I’ve missed those calls. (15th JUL, 18th JUL)
(Nothing is heard from them for a week)
8 – Another email is sent asking for the status of my system – and this one too gets ignored. (21st JUL)
9 – Phoned Dell customer support to ask them how’s my system doing, the guy said all works’ done, PC will be returned to you by 27th. (25th JUL)
10 – Comes 26th… gone 26th… still no PC (or word from Dell). (26th JUL)
11 – Comes 27th… gone 27th… still no PC. (27th JUL)
12 – Dell called saying they have tried calling on both 26th and 27th and no one was home (I thought: "WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!  I WAS THERE ALL DAY!!!" … "Bull shit!  If you were indeed there, how about leaving a little card saying we’ve called!") (27th JUL)
13 – Finally, gets my PC back. (and here’s the bit that really pisses me off ->)  When I open the box, I only found one half the protective foam packaging on the rear of the PC whilst the front didn’t have any protection from shock!!  It was a good job I took the HDD out before I shipped it off or I’m sure I’d have a fucked HDD now! (28th JUL)
And you think that’s the end!?  Oh no…
Check this out, I knew the inside of my PC was very dusty when I shipped it off but when i got it back, I found 3 dust balls (size aprox. 3 x 2 x 2  cm) inside the machine – 1 tucked away at the bottom of the fan, another one under the PCI cards and 1 on the motherboard!  Hum…
Dust (if) containing conductive materials on mobo. + switch on the computer = Firework!
Needless to say, I was not impressed by that (and not to mention they scratched one corner of my PC!) and I really would now consider building my own PC the next time I needed a new one…
Yes, it is possible that all those dust ball on mobo. and scratch might be caused by the urm… inadequate packaging.  In that case, Dell should find whoever is responsible for re-packaging, get them on a course, and learn why they should do a proper job, before shipping it to me!
No, I know what you are thinking.  I have packed it properly with 2 foam packaging blocks…
So, guess what I’ll put and where I’ll reference to on my Dell Satisfaction Survey!

One Response to “Dell’s customer service (or lack of)”

  1. Yujun Says:

    Dell’s service is always awful

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