Webcam (HTML) “module” in MSN Spaces

For those of you who are wondering how I managed to add an webcam module onto my MSN Spaces, I found a site ( which tells you how you can hack MSN Spaces and just followed the instruction.
The direct instruction for adding the HTML sandbox (which I used as the webcam module) can be found at:
Have fun further customizing your MSN Space!

Office 2003 Service Pack 2

MSN Space catastrophic error

lol, I was logging in to my MSN space yesterday night when I came across this error:
For those who can’t quite read what it says:
There has been a catastrophic error. Please stand by.
Luckily, that was only a glitch and my second attempt in logging in was successfull…  Still, you’ve gotta love the way Microsoft always tends to gives over-the-top error messages  !

I might just do this…

Arh… the internet, it never runs out of crap for me to enjoy!  Anyway, I was looking at a Russian website today and came across this picture and I thought, "I might just do this this Christmas".


But then when I think about it even more, (besides the fact that it made my brain hurt and killed a few more brain cells  ) I figured that it’s gonna cost me a hell lot more to make this than just buying a normal Christmas tree…  Still, perhaps it’s an idea for any people out there who have enough computer junk to make this happen.
Or… actually… it’d look kinda cool (at least in my strange view anyway…) having such thing around during Christmas in the (rather dull) Computing department at uni.!
So urm… Paul (Davis, our student rep.), if you are reading this, perhaps you can bring this up during the next student rep. meeting!  I’m sure that’ll bring up some rather surprisingly looking faces  .

A glimpse into Office 12’s GUI (Yeah… only a glimpse…)

For those of you who wants to know what Office 12’s GUI looks like, well, here’re some screenshots of MS Word:
I dunno about you, but from what I can see, it seems MS have made the GUI look kinda confusing over that of Office 2003’s.
But then again, I couldn’t really make out much from those tiny area screenshots.  For all you know, they are probabaly just toolboxes – in which case, they are too big, lol.
Anyone got any bigger screenshtos of Office 200(urm… oops, we don’t know yet! Let’s just stick with "Office 12" for the time being)?

Oouh, just found some more (and much bigger) screenshots from urm… Microsoft’s website…

MS Word 12

MS PowerPoint 12

MS Excel 12

MS Access 12
Anyway, is it me or are the buttons on the toolbars far too large…?  I mean, some people (like me…) still have #### x 768 pixels on the VDU!

Firefox IDN buffer overflow fix

lol, I guess there’s no such thing as secure browser (and there probably never will be one…).  Anyway, for those of you who are concerned about the IDN buffer overflow problem (as illustrated here – WILL crash you FF browser without the fix!), you can now temporary fix this problem by disabling IDN:
1 – Open up FF.
2 – type about:config into the address bar and press enter.
3 – find the entry network.enableIDN and set that to false.
Now try going to this website again, FF shouldn’t crash  .

Hacking Foxie

Alright, after using Foxie for a while now, I’ve found some little things that annoys me (no surprise there!).  But the good news this time is that I can do something about it (instead of bitching to the author(s) about them  )!
Anyway, here’s a list of customizations I’ve made to Foxie:
(Actually, before you start, you’ll need a program called Resource Hacker (or equivalent) to urm… edit the program’s resources, what else!?)
(As usual, backup everything before starting!)

– [Menu : 209 : 1033]
 Added shortcut key (&) for menu item 32775 to allow tab to be closed more easily:
209 MENU
 MENUITEM "Open new Tab",  32792
 MENUITEM "&Close this Tab",  32775
 MENUITEM "Close All Tabs",  32776
 POPUP "Add this Tab to Groupmark"
  MENUITEM "Create New Groupmark",  32784
 POPUP "Add all Tabs to Groupmark"
  MENUITEM "Create New Groupmark",  32774
 MENUITEM "Open Groupmark",  65535
 MENUITEM "Delete Groupmark",  65535
– [Bitmap : 218 : 1033]
 Deleted (Ask Jeeves Ad. banner).
– [Menu : 205 : 1033]
 Deleted all useless items to leave with:
205 MENU
POPUP "Drop Menu"
 MENUITEM "Highlight Search Term",  32790
 POPUP "Security Settings"
  MENUITEM "Spyware && Adware Blocker",  32819,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Spammers && Scammers Blocker",  32824,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Worms && Exploits Blocker",  32825,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Popup Blocker",  32820,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Privacy Shield",  32823,  CHECKED
 MENUITEM "Knowledge Base",  32801
 MENUITEM "Control Panel",  32804
– Search URI:
 Modified to use Google as the main search engine:
From offset 0x0003398C to 0x000339D1
(Note – It is VERY important to ensure both strings are of exactly the same length!)

Sorry if you’ve found the above a bit confusing – I simply copied it from my modification description text file, which was originally created so that I know what the hell I’ve done with the dlls…
Anyway, I hope you find this useful.
(Oh, if you are really that lazy, you can always ask me for the patched dlls  !)