Tabbed browsing in IE 6

For those of you who don’t like the MSN toolbar (including me), here’s a nice program that will add that capability to IE.  (For those of you who are interested, I came across this program from reading slashdot’s RSS feed.)
The program I’m talking about is called Foxie (or Foxie Suite) – it’s actually a collection of utilities to make MSIE more Firefox like, hence the tabbed browsing feature.
However, I must point out this program is relatively new and there are still some minor glitches that needs to be sorted out – for example, the search engine is non-configurable (set to by default), tabs can’t be re-arranged, doesn’t support XP themes, no GUI for editing the adblock list etc…  Nevertheless, those are only small glitches and I expect the program to receive more enhancements as development goes on.
Anyway, if you want tabbed browsing for IE, I think you should definitely give this program a try.

(Now, remember what I said about the search engine being non-configurable?  That’s not strictly true…  Read on.)
You can actually hack this program to use the Google search engine, but this requires a quick edit to "foxietoolbar.dll".
Here’s how you can do it:
(0 – As usual, backup everything before starting  .)
1 – Open "foxietoolbar.dll" in the hex editor of your choice.
2 – Replace the string at offset 0x0003398C from:
(Note "." represent NULLs (and "dots") in their correct places.)
(Note this hack only replaces the main web search (i.e. typing a search query into the search box and pressing Enter).  The other ones can probably be done using a similar method to above.)
3 – Enjoy searching with Google!

3 Responses to “Tabbed browsing in IE 6”

  1. Matt Says:

    I use Avant Browser. I don’t really see a need for this one. It looks pretty good, but I don’t need all the other add-on software or the Ask Jeeves…

  2. shai Says:

    this fix doest work because:1 the line is incorect2 it doesnt replace the search bar to google in the result effect…BUT:some lines after 03398C there is the line to replace and once you do that at least i got rid of the shitty toolbar.So thanks anyway…

  3. Russ Says:

    thanks shysor I just edit some of the fields and it was gone granted if foxie will allow us to change the search like FireFox then I would be very happy and might think about just using IE.-Reg

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