Hacking Foxie

Alright, after using Foxie for a while now, I’ve found some little things that annoys me (no surprise there!).  But the good news this time is that I can do something about it (instead of bitching to the author(s) about them  )!
Anyway, here’s a list of customizations I’ve made to Foxie:
(Actually, before you start, you’ll need a program called Resource Hacker (or equivalent) to urm… edit the program’s resources, what else!?)
(As usual, backup everything before starting!)

– [Menu : 209 : 1033]
 Added shortcut key (&) for menu item 32775 to allow tab to be closed more easily:
209 MENU
 MENUITEM "Open new Tab",  32792
 MENUITEM "&Close this Tab",  32775
 MENUITEM "Close All Tabs",  32776
 POPUP "Add this Tab to Groupmark"
  MENUITEM "Create New Groupmark",  32784
 POPUP "Add all Tabs to Groupmark"
  MENUITEM "Create New Groupmark",  32774
 MENUITEM "Open Groupmark",  65535
 MENUITEM "Delete Groupmark",  65535
– [Bitmap : 218 : 1033]
 Deleted (Ask Jeeves Ad. banner).
– [Menu : 205 : 1033]
 Deleted all useless items to leave with:
205 MENU
POPUP "Drop Menu"
 MENUITEM "Highlight Search Term",  32790
 POPUP "Security Settings"
  MENUITEM "Spyware && Adware Blocker",  32819,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Spammers && Scammers Blocker",  32824,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Worms && Exploits Blocker",  32825,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Popup Blocker",  32820,  CHECKED
  MENUITEM "Privacy Shield",  32823,  CHECKED
 MENUITEM "Knowledge Base",  32801
 MENUITEM "Control Panel",  32804
– Search URI:
 Modified to use Google as the main search engine:
From offset 0x0003398C to 0x000339D1
(Note – It is VERY important to ensure both strings are of exactly the same length!)

Sorry if you’ve found the above a bit confusing – I simply copied it from my modification description text file, which was originally created so that I know what the hell I’ve done with the dlls…
Anyway, I hope you find this useful.
(Oh, if you are really that lazy, you can always ask me for the patched dlls  !)

One Response to “Hacking Foxie”

  1. Roy en Marieke Says:

    Hi Kok-Yan, first of all thanks for the Foxie hack below. But it was not clear to me where I can set the main search engine to Google; also in a DLL file? Roy

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