A glimpse into Office 12’s GUI (Yeah… only a glimpse…)

For those of you who wants to know what Office 12’s GUI looks like, well, here’re some screenshots of MS Word:
I dunno about you, but from what I can see, it seems MS have made the GUI look kinda confusing over that of Office 2003’s.
But then again, I couldn’t really make out much from those tiny area screenshots.  For all you know, they are probabaly just toolboxes – in which case, they are too big, lol.
Anyone got any bigger screenshtos of Office 200(urm… oops, we don’t know yet! Let’s just stick with "Office 12" for the time being)?

Oouh, just found some more (and much bigger) screenshots from urm… Microsoft’s website…

MS Word 12

MS PowerPoint 12

MS Excel 12

MS Access 12
Anyway, is it me or are the buttons on the toolbars far too large…?  I mean, some people (like me…) still have #### x 768 pixels on the VDU!

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