I might just do this…

Arh… the internet, it never runs out of crap for me to enjoy!  Anyway, I was looking at a Russian website today and came across this picture and I thought, "I might just do this this Christmas".


But then when I think about it even more, (besides the fact that it made my brain hurt and killed a few more brain cells  ) I figured that it’s gonna cost me a hell lot more to make this than just buying a normal Christmas tree…  Still, perhaps it’s an idea for any people out there who have enough computer junk to make this happen.
Or… actually… it’d look kinda cool (at least in my strange view anyway…) having such thing around during Christmas in the (rather dull) Computing department at uni.!
So urm… Paul (Davis, our student rep.), if you are reading this, perhaps you can bring this up during the next student rep. meeting!  I’m sure that’ll bring up some rather surprisingly looking faces  .

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