Defragging the startup files

Apparently, there’s a hidden switch for the command line tool defrag that would allow you to defrag the boot files…
Anyway, here’s an example command:
defrag c: -b
However, I’m still not sure exactly what files are being defragged…  Since there’s very little "official" documentation about that switch (it’s not even listed on the Microsoft website as far as I have seen!).  Still, when I ran the command, it did something
As for the boot time?  Well… I’ve forgotten to time it… – I was doing my usual things while my computer is booting up – loo  ! (I’m sure you really needed to know that…)
Nevertheless, you might want to give that a try if your computer is starting up really slowly…
(And as usual, for those who cares, here’re some URIs I’ve found containing some information about this switch: (Search for "Bootvis – Explained by David Candy")

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