Christmas lights gone wild!

Think you’ve got an amazing Christmas light setup at your house?  Well, think again.
Christmas light show
The video showcases a house rigged with various Christmas lights that flashes to the rhythm of the background music.  It doesn’t sound all that amazing – but trust me, you’d definitely enjoy watching this!
You might wanna set the audio delay by about -50 ms to get the best AV synchronization  .
(FYI: I originally came across this link on (link) )

XBOX 360 pr0n

Well here’re some pr0n that can be enjoyed by both male and female without the fear of getting caught – Gadget pr0n!
(What else are you thinking!?  Alright… maybe there are certain scenarios that… but anyway, moving on…  )
Here’s one I’m sure you’d find exciting:
It features a complete strip of a XBOX 360 (hummmm…. nice….)!
Can’t wait for a PS 3 version!

Rant – Smoking

***** The post below contains what some of you might consider "strong" language *****
So if you can’t take everyday language, well… go and read something else and don’t complain to me!  (Alright, if you do, I’d just refer you to a previous posting of mine (link)).

Gaarrhh!  I’ve had it with all those fuckers out there who smokes!
I mean, everyday (and I mean EVERYDAY) I’ve had to put up people smoking at the following places:
1 – At the bust stop
2 – At the train station
3 – On my way to uni
4 – At uni
5 – On the way back from uni
6 – At the train station (again…)
7 – At the bus stop (again…)
8 – (Sometimes) On the bus
I’m totally fed up with all those selfless fucking assholes who seems to think other people don’t have much of a problem putting up with their deadly (not just to them, but to us – the other people) and disgusting habits!
I’m sure you would have heard about all those studies that have pointed out all the effects of second-hand smoking, so I’m not gonna talk about them here.  If you haven’t, I suggest you do yourself a favor and start looking into that.
For those of you who, by now are saying "You could have moved your fat ass out of the way!" kinda thing – Well, you know what, I think it’s obvious that
I should have the right to breathe wherever and whenever I want without being choked to death by the smoke from those fucking smokers! – And don’t you DARE turn that argument around and say they can smoke wherever and whenever they like – Yes, they can smoke till they fucking die (and I so do hope that happens soon!) AS LONG AS they don’t get those who don’t wish to take part in their suicide attempt involved.
The only way I can see why the government is taking sooo long in introducing a complete smoking ban is because of the age old question of money – think about how much they would loose out from taxes!
And, you know what, if I have my way, smoking would simply be banned outright and those who are caught disturbing non-smokers with their smoke can be put in a cell, smoke to all their hearts’ content, until they all fucking die from the most horrific disease they can develop from smoking!
Well that’s my rant about what I think of smoking done, what do you think?

Patches, patches and more patches – Grrrrhhh!

Is it me or has there been excessive amounts of patches for various popular products out this week?
Patch number 1 – MS Windows (MS05-053):
First off, since it’s the first week of a month, it’s "Patch Tuesday" for Windows users and there’s the MS05-053 patch (link) patching the rendering engine for Windows Metafile (WMF) / Enhanced Metafile (EMF).
Patch number 2 – Macromedia Flash Player (MPSB05-07):
If I remembered correctly, then there’s the patch for Macromedia’s flash plug-in (link), this time, patching the "Improper Memory Access Vulnerability".
Patch number 3 – Real Player:
Great, another flaw that allows remote code execution (link) in Real Player – however, I don’t know whether this would effect Real Alternative (link) but to be on the safe side, another update for me…
(Will be) Patch number 4 – QuickTime:
Yup, another one of those remote code execution flaw (link) that is currently unpatched – but that would be patched (hopefully) sooner of later…
Actually, now that there’s (or will be) a patch for just about all the players out there (that’s used to stream media content), the only one that’s left and don’t need patching is WMP (Windows Media Player).  There are 2 scenarios to that:
1 – There are unpatched flaws in WMP that nobody (or only Microsoft) is aware of…
2 – WMP is more secure then the other players (which I find hard to believe considering it’s coded by Microsoft  ).
Still, I know patches are just a fact of life nowadays if you do anything on a network such as the internet, but I just get a bit pissed off when there are multiple patches from various places that I need to apply and (probably) need to restart my computer after them…
Have fun patching, people!

For those of you who have read the whole thing about the rootkit Sony is using (link), don’t forget your "Service Pack 2" (link) for the rootkit  !

A *very* dusty computer

lol, if you think my computer had a bad dust problem (link), you really should check this one out:
Dusty computer
It’s crazy man!  I mean, where the hell were that PC placed (or as a matter of fact, when was it last cleaned out?)!?  Was it employed as an air filter inside a department of a carpet factory where they test how much dust carpets can possibly collect!?
(Alright, such department probably don’t exist… but you get my point…)
Just an interesting observation, the inside of my vacuum cleaner is actually less dusty than that…

Grrh! Rootkits are everywhere! (But not in my computers as far as I can tell…)

Man this is just stupid, at first, malware are just simple programs that is a small ignorance, then, they started using the internet to do all sorts of (more annoying and malicious) things.  Nowadays (alright, it’s not like it’s anything new…), those malware creators are talking more and more frequently about gaining "root" access to systems using rootkits!
(For those of you who are not sure what a rootkit is, have a read of this page at wikipedia:
I mean, just this week, I’ve already heard 2 news items from my RSS feeds about rootkits being used – and that (I think…) is probably more than the number of traditional viruses released this week!  Here are the links to the 2 news items: – AIM worm using rootkit technology – Sony (that’s right, SONY!) music’s DRM software
The worrying thing about rootkits (at least those that are coded properly…) are that once installed, they simply "disappear" into your system (by monitoring various calls to the OS and altering the response to the calling application).  What this means is, if you do a simple directory listing on a machine "infected" with a rootkit, you won’t be able to see it!
Yes, I know some anti-virus software companies are rolling out products to defend against such attacks (for example, F-Secure’s Black light), but unless you’ve got such software installed when the rootkit installs itself, you won’t be able to ensure the detection / removal of such things by running a traditional scan – the only way to determine definitively whether you are infected with it is by doing a complete directory listing when the system is on-line and comparing a directory listings of that system when it is offline (by booting another, clean OS to do the directory listing).
So yeah, it’s scary to think that such attack are so difficult to detect and clean up, and it’s even more scary to think OS vendors allow such attack vector in the first place!

As usual, for those of you who are interested, here are some links you might also find useful: – Security Now!  Audiocast (I hate the term "Podcast"! – in fact, I hate iPods!) – I think it’s a must listen for anyone who are remotely interested in general computer security.