Patches, patches and more patches – Grrrrhhh!

Is it me or has there been excessive amounts of patches for various popular products out this week?
Patch number 1 – MS Windows (MS05-053):
First off, since it’s the first week of a month, it’s "Patch Tuesday" for Windows users and there’s the MS05-053 patch (link) patching the rendering engine for Windows Metafile (WMF) / Enhanced Metafile (EMF).
Patch number 2 – Macromedia Flash Player (MPSB05-07):
If I remembered correctly, then there’s the patch for Macromedia’s flash plug-in (link), this time, patching the "Improper Memory Access Vulnerability".
Patch number 3 – Real Player:
Great, another flaw that allows remote code execution (link) in Real Player – however, I don’t know whether this would effect Real Alternative (link) but to be on the safe side, another update for me…
(Will be) Patch number 4 – QuickTime:
Yup, another one of those remote code execution flaw (link) that is currently unpatched – but that would be patched (hopefully) sooner of later…
Actually, now that there’s (or will be) a patch for just about all the players out there (that’s used to stream media content), the only one that’s left and don’t need patching is WMP (Windows Media Player).  There are 2 scenarios to that:
1 – There are unpatched flaws in WMP that nobody (or only Microsoft) is aware of…
2 – WMP is more secure then the other players (which I find hard to believe considering it’s coded by Microsoft  ).
Still, I know patches are just a fact of life nowadays if you do anything on a network such as the internet, but I just get a bit pissed off when there are multiple patches from various places that I need to apply and (probably) need to restart my computer after them…
Have fun patching, people!

For those of you who have read the whole thing about the rootkit Sony is using (link), don’t forget your "Service Pack 2" (link) for the rootkit  !

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