Rant – Smoking

***** The post below contains what some of you might consider "strong" language *****
So if you can’t take everyday language, well… go and read something else and don’t complain to me!  (Alright, if you do, I’d just refer you to a previous posting of mine (link)).

Gaarrhh!  I’ve had it with all those fuckers out there who smokes!
I mean, everyday (and I mean EVERYDAY) I’ve had to put up people smoking at the following places:
1 – At the bust stop
2 – At the train station
3 – On my way to uni
4 – At uni
5 – On the way back from uni
6 – At the train station (again…)
7 – At the bus stop (again…)
8 – (Sometimes) On the bus
I’m totally fed up with all those selfless fucking assholes who seems to think other people don’t have much of a problem putting up with their deadly (not just to them, but to us – the other people) and disgusting habits!
I’m sure you would have heard about all those studies that have pointed out all the effects of second-hand smoking, so I’m not gonna talk about them here.  If you haven’t, I suggest you do yourself a favor and start looking into that.
For those of you who, by now are saying "You could have moved your fat ass out of the way!" kinda thing – Well, you know what, I think it’s obvious that
I should have the right to breathe wherever and whenever I want without being choked to death by the smoke from those fucking smokers! – And don’t you DARE turn that argument around and say they can smoke wherever and whenever they like – Yes, they can smoke till they fucking die (and I so do hope that happens soon!) AS LONG AS they don’t get those who don’t wish to take part in their suicide attempt involved.
The only way I can see why the government is taking sooo long in introducing a complete smoking ban is because of the age old question of money – think about how much they would loose out from taxes!
And, you know what, if I have my way, smoking would simply be banned outright and those who are caught disturbing non-smokers with their smoke can be put in a cell, smoke to all their hearts’ content, until they all fucking die from the most horrific disease they can develop from smoking!
Well that’s my rant about what I think of smoking done, what do you think?

2 Responses to “Rant – Smoking”

  1. Sian Says:

    I LURVE smoking!!Smoking is greatEspecially mentholsIt makes me cool.I look so good, your just jealous coz u don’t smoke.Pat doesn’t smoke, but she doesn’t mind it.She has a life.GET OVER IT!

  2. Paul Says:

    I agree with you. People claim they have a ‘right’ to smoke. But what about our right not to be in a smokey environment. Everyone thinks they have ‘rights’ but no-one thinks about how their ‘rights’ infringe on other people’s. They’re just selfish bastards!!!!!!!

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