Mapping drive letters to local folders in Windows XP

Oouh, this sounds like a useful tip for most people with multiple HDDs and are fed up with trying to link folders together.  The link below shows you a method by which you can link directory on one HDD to another using the "linkd" command-line utility in Windows XP Professional (not sure if it works in XP Home…):
The end result for me is so that I can now have all of my videos in 1 folder!  Instead of having to use shortcuts and other inferior methods…
WARNING – I know this sounds obvious, but if you delete a file in the mapped directory (the source directory – type in linkd /? in cmd for more detail), the file is also deleted in the actual "source" directory (the destination directory – the directory the file actually resides).
As with most things, best thing to do is to setup some test directories and draw up some test cases, then test out the possible scenarios before you go in and apply this command to a working directory.
Happy linkd-ing  .

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