My MZ-N1 MD recorder is dead…

After 4 years of usage, my MZ-N1 MD recorder have finally decided to quit on me…  Basically, I can still record stuff onto the disc, but I just can’t play it back…
I decided to put the recorder in service mode and see if I can do something to the software to fix it (since it is still able to record – I figured it might help if I can tweak some settings in there) but, it turns out I’d probably need to buy a lot of hardware to properly tweak the hardware settings (which is not that supprising…).
(If you are really interested, here’s the service manual for my MD recorder:
Anyway, here’s what I got after running some tests on the unit:
• Microcomputer version:
  002 Ver 1.400

• No error in Self-Diagnosis Display Mode. (Strangely...)

• "138 NG 1F" error in MO test <- 138 = MO RF gain adjustment

• "Stat66" error - Decoder status error (count)
• "BEmp02" error - Buffer is empty (count)
(The above 2 keeps increasing as I try to play more recorded discs.)
Apart from that, all seems fine (at least according to the diagnostic results anyway…)…
If anyone knows what’s going on or have ANY idea as to what I can do (short of paying to get it repaired), I’d appreciate if you can contact me here

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