Alright, I’ve finally decided to create something that might actually be useful to someone – it’s a command-line program called wait.  As you might have guessed, it’s a program to replace the famous sleep.
The program basically is an extension to sleep (in terms of functionality) where:
• It allows execution of a batch file to be paused for a specific amount of time – as in sleep.
• It allows the time to pause be specified in milliseconds – in some versions of sleep.
• It allows the display of a live count-down timer!
• It allows you to append a message (up to 1023 characters) to the count-down timer / output.
You can get the program from my website below:
(Please do try again later if it’s not on-line…  I can’t leave my PC on all the time!)
If you like the program / finds any bugs, please drop me an email  .
(I know it’s probably not exactly the best time to post this program right now (because of the whole WMF fiasco), but at least I’ve included the source code to the program so you can review and compile it yourself to make 100% sure the program does what it is supposed to.)

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