Hummm… laser…

Laser show in room - click for full res version
All you people out there who like lasers (including me!) should check this site out:
They are a company that sells some urm… rather deadly laser pointers – forget the measly 5 mW ones we all have, the ones they are selling are like… let’s just say, a few magnitude more powerful (and expensive) than those (did I hear someone say 125 mW?).  I mean, just check out their video page (link) and you’ll see what I mean!
I especially like the phrase on their disclaimer page (link):
Never use the laser as a pointer in a typical classroom, meeting or seminar.
Well… you could, but you might end up burning black spots on the projector screen / white board  !
(Now… can someone get me one of those £314, 125 mW laser pointer (link) as a present, please?  )

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