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Oh man, the internet just gives your more and more the more you dig (alright, I’ll stop using the word "more" from now on…).
Anyway, I was hungry the other day and I was out of video to watch on my PC (don’t ask me how those 2 are related, they just are to me!), I decided to do some digging on the net to see if I can find something decent to watch.  Man did I find something!  (No!  pr0n doesn’t count – at least in this case anyway  !)
I found an IPTV show called "Hak.5" (link), amongst other good ones (see this page: link).
Hak.5 is basically a tech show that showcases various experiments, mods, hacks, code tutorials and of course, presented with humour!
So yeah, check it out people!

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