Net Transport 2

Net Transport logo
If you are planning on downloading Net Transport 2 (link), I suggest you go and find version 1.9x somewhere instead.
Why?  Net Transport 2 has the following problems (over version 1.9x):
• Awkward placement of toolbar buttons
• Bad looking GUI (- what’s with all those fat, grey looking pane dividers?)
• Problems getting your old (pre 2.0) settings transferred over to version 2.0
• Missing IE right-click menu options
• Installs an extra toolbar in MSIE (- I don’t need another toolbar thank you very much!)
• Lack of useful extra features for upgrade
• The fact it is not free anymore – and you don’t gain a lot if you upgrade to version 2…
The first 3 reasons are the main killer of version 2 (at least as it currently stands anyway).
As you might have guessed, I hated it so much I had to restore back to version 1.9…
Arh well, I guess version 2 is another case of "If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!" .

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