A problem with file metadata on NTFS

Here’s something I find really strange, Microsoft is touting how metadata attached to files (e.g. Keywords) is the next best thing (and maybe the the next worst thing – inadvertent data leakage), but since they are not actually stored as a part of the file (as most files on NTFS are…), all of those metadata will be lost once you move it out of NTFS (e.g. when you backup onto a DVD)…
So… I wonder, if you can’t save those metadata when you perform a backup / restore procedure, what’s the point in spending any time entering them (at least in the home environment)?  I mean, over the life of just about every Windows machine, they would go through at least 1 complete rebuild (software-wise), and that means every time you do a rebuild you’d have to re-enter all those metadata (providing you can be bothered and can remember what they were in the first place)…
So until someone finds a good way to save those metadata, I’m sticking with the method where you organizing your files correctly in the first place.
(Alright, I know at least WinRAR do backup metadata if you wanted it to, but I really am not very comfortable in putting everything in one giant archive file – if you’ve ever tried to "compress" a movie this way and managed to corrupt the file, you’d definitely understand what I’m saying.)

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