Firefox switch

After a lot of web browsing and thinking (ever since version 0.7…), I’ve now finally set Firefox as my default web browser.
One for the reason why I switched is because of Firefox’s ability in handling tabs in a seamless fashion, not to mention the amount of extensions that allow it (FF) to be as good (if not better than) as IE in terms of system integration (give me a shout if you want to know what extensions I have installed).
However, there are still 2 things that IE is still better than FF:
Favorites – I would love to see FF supporting the "Favorites" folder directly instead of all the importing business; I like having each of my favorites link with a .url extension (and I like it being called "Favorites").
– Performance – Alright, I know FF does a better job at loading web pages than IE (at least those that aren’t designed specifically for IE…), but the reason for me saying this is because of the amount of RAM it (FF) takes up and the amount of time it takes to start up – especially when I’m on my laptop…  So for a quick browse (when no browser is launched), IE is still much faster then FF overall.
I know you are probably saying "what about security!?".  Well, that is taken care of by me configuring the web filtering feature on my firewall and the IE settings.  Oh, and do I need to mention something called "common-sense"?

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