Nyxem.E worm

For those of you who don’t run AV scans often (or at all…), you might wanna pay attention to this one if you don’t want to end up losing some of your files.
It’s a worm called "Nyxem.E" (link) and according to various security websites, the worm will activate itself every 3rd day of the month and corrupt the files with the following extensions with the string "DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5]":
So for those of you who haven’t kept up to date with anti-virus definitions, you might want to update your AV scanner and perform a full system scan.  Of course, your AV scanner might not find them all if they are hidden by (or is) a rootkit (link).
On that *cheerful* note, happy 3rd February (and for every month thereafter if you still have the worm),  !

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