MS Paint art

Wow, I was amazed to come across this image by William Moore II, which is done using MS Paint – yes, that’s right!  MS Paint!
(Sorry about the lack of image here, but the image is big (700 x 10000 px…) – check out the website and you’ll see what I mean!)
He also did a tutorial / proof on how he did it (link) – just in case you have a couple of months spare and decides to have a go at this…

More gadget pr0n – MacBook Pro, Zen Vision: M

I don’t think I need to say anything here really, just checkout the links below to satisfy your needs  :
MacBook Pro:
MacBook Pro disassembled
Zen Vision: M:
Zen Vision: M disassembled

Windows Vista Editions

Windows Vista logo
Finally, the long awaited details for various versions of Window Vista is available on Paul Thurrott’s website:
From what I can see, I’m guessing most powerusers will be getting the Business Edition of Vista – it’s got all the productivity features and at the same time, lacking most of those Microsoft media authoring tools (to be honest, I really don’t give a shit about them; if I need one, I’ll just use 3rd party tools that does a much better job!
Alright, you do miss a few of the more advanced features such as Secure Startup and Virtual PC, but hey, I bet you the Business Edition would be way less expensive than the Enterprise or Ultimate Edition – that is unless you BitTorrent for one, than in that case, go nuts with Ultimate (if you can find a way round the activation – which I have no idea what it’s gonna be like).
Or you can always stick with XP until MS kills support for it…

BitComet -Ver 0.62-

BitComet logo
Ok, BitComet (version 0.62) is now out, you can get it at the link below:
Release Notes from the BitComet website for this version (link):
v0.62 2006.2.14
GUI Improved: add the ability to fetch remote channel xml file and display its items in favourite bar
GUI Improved: adjust the toolbar position of embedded browser
GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the embedded browser can’t handle BCTP link properly
GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the task name displayed as the http link of torrent file
GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that sometimes the task status displayed as failed after DHT torrent download finished successfully
Core Improved: user favourite data file changed from .favmy_fav.xml to .Favourite.xml
Core Bugfix: fix possible crash when exit program while hashing
Core Bugfix: fix possible crash when detects WMP version at BitComet startup
Core Bugfix: fix possible memory access violation when remove task after DHT torrent file download finished
Just in case you needed, here’s BitComet’s homepage:

How to fold a fitted sheet perfectly

I guess you could follow the instructions here:
Or you could do what I do – just fold it in such a way that it resembles a folded sheet, then throw it in the draw  .
(And to be honest, who gives a shit whether it is folded properly or not – you only sleep on it!)

Perhaps the phrase “To sleep on it”, is true after all!

The BBC have just published an article suggesting that is it better to let the unconscious mind take care of complex decisions, and use your conscious mind to make care of simple decisions.
This brings out an interesting observation that I have seen – I tend to make complex decisions / be able to solve a complex problem the next day rather then spending loads of time thinking about it… 
So perhaps the phrase "To sleep on it" is true after all!
Is that also true for you?  I’d love to know!

Patch Tuesday

Windows Update logo
It’s the second Tuesday of the month and you know what that means – yup, "Patch Tuesday".
This time round, there are 6 security updates so urm… give the Windows Update website a visit (link)!