PSP Ad pulled for *really* stupid reasons

lol, this is just hilarious (and stupid) – pulling a PSP ad from a tram station in Manchester because of fear someone might actually do what it says!?  Please, gimme a break!
PSP Ad - "Take a running jump here."
You can read the full story from the following website:
I guess this just shows the lack of intelligence some people has nowadays.
I mean, if anyone were to literally do what it says on the poster, then they definitely deserve what’s coming for them (i.e. A face full of Tram! – Natural Selection at work here people!).
So I guess what they should really do is to put poster like this all over the place and those who falls for it, well… falls for it  !  (Alright, maybe not… or we’ll all go crazy because of massive delays on the transport network – I’m not gonna start on that now, perhaps later, when some dude makes me late to a lecture again because he decided to jump in front of a train – I presumed "he" since most women has a slightly higher level of intelligence than us (men)…  At least as far as I’ve seen…)
What do you think?  Is the level of stupidity in people nowadays getting worse?

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