The new GUI of Office 2007

For a while I thought Microsoft have sorted out their graphic designs…  I guess I was wrong…
Why?  Well, here’s the new (and definitely not improved) GUI of Office 2007: 
Word 2007's new GUI - click for full-res version
Just to illustrate the difference, here’s how Word looks like on my computer:
Word 2003's GUI on my computer - click for full-res version
I mean, what’s with Microsoft’s obsession with the blue-plastic feel for their applications (e.g.: Luna visual style, Office 2003 – with the Blue color scheme)?  Haven’t they learnt from Apple’s GUI designs? (Hummm… Aqua…) (More on improving the look of Windows XP on my website: link)
Anyway, you can check out more screenshots of the new GUI of Office 2007 in the following websites:
Please, Microsoft, change the GUI back to that of Office 2003 (at least get rid of the skin!).

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