Flying-Model-Simulator (FMS)

FMS screenshot - click for full-res. version
For those of you who (like me) have never flown a remote control aeroplane before, you are in luck.
It’s a program called Flying-Model-Simulator (or FMS) and it’s basically a simulator for flying model aeroplanes!
You can get the program at:
Better still, if you have a old remote, you can do something like this engadget article (link) and wire it up to the simulator!  (I guess this would also work kinda well if you can hook a joystick / pressure sensitive controller up to the PC…)
It’s nice to be able to do something like this without the need to worry that you might crash it (and loose a small fortune in the process…)!
(By the way, look through the forum for extra maps and aircrafts  !
If you can’t be asked, here’s a link to start you off:

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