TV show recommendation: Bones

If you are already out of stuff to watch for the summer holiday (or just want something good to watch), I highly recommend the TV series Bones.
Season 1 is almost over on Sky One but you can catch-up with all the episodes from the link below:
There are 22 episodes in the first season.
For more information on what the series is about, check out:

(I’m sure that can explain things far better than I can…)


A scary thought (running “del * /a /f” in root of boot drive)

NTLDR missing error message - click for full-res. version
Here’s another scary thought, I was playing around with different RSS readers in my virtual machine today and by the end of the testing session, I decided to run the following command in the root of the boot drive and see what will happen:
del * /a /f
I found out I can delete all files in the root directory except pagefile.sys – ok… not that much surprise here.  BUT, the worrying thing is that windows file protection didn’t kick-in and replace all those files that gotten deleted – you know, those files that you actually need to boot?  Like boot.ini, NTDETECT.COM, ntldr etc…?
I guess the lesson here is to be careful what you do with command-line (especially those of you who always wants to try "What will happen if I press this big red button?").  Yes, it (the command-line) is very powerful but can also screw things up pretty quickly… (though that’s kinda obvious anyway…)
Well, now I know what I should do for a prank. not to run in my real machine  .
(Though you’d probably be glad to know that you won’t be able to delete those boot files by running del * /a – but I still won’t recommend you trying that on a production system…)

Darth Vader Calls Emperor Palpatine (video)

lol, this is hilarious, check it out – it’s about Darth Vader calling Emperor Palpatine to explain how he gotten the original Death Star blown up:
Or you can download it here (in .flv format):

The “Chicken and Egg” problem (solved!)

Chicken and egg
What’s the answer to the chicken and egg problem?
The egg! (of course…)
Here’s the article:
Now… can anyone tell me what the answer to life, the universe, and everything is?
(Did I hear 42 (link)?   )

Software recommendation: Calculate – a command-line calculator

Calculator icon
Seeing how shitty my mental arithmetic skills are and how lazy I am, I find it incredibly annoying to use the windows calculator (calc.exe) (or getting a real calculator out for that matter).
Anyways, I thought you might appreciate this little application I found on the net a while ago called "calculate":
It is basically a command-line calculator that you can run directly in cmd and it also support various functions within the Math class (such as Pow, Sin, Abs etc…).
Yes, it’s not the most powerful calculator in the wold (in fact, far from it…) but, it does what it is supposed to do – allow quick calculations to be done quickly and easily.
(Tip: Rename "calculate.exe" to something shorter like "calcc.exe" and place it under a registered PATH (or under the "system32" folder…) to allow quick access from cmd by simply typing calcc  )
Of course, if you want something that’s prettier to use, you can always check out the PowerToy Calculator (powercalc.exe):

Funny photoshopped movie screen caps.

lol, here’re some of those pictures that caught my attention:
Shrek - click for full-res. version.
Harry Potter - click for full-res. version.
Harry Potter - click for full-res. version.
Gollum - click for full-res. version.
Check out the following page for more of those photos:

Software recommendation: Paint.NET

Paint.NET logo


If you still use MS Paint for graphical work, first of all, I pity you…  Secondly, you most definitely should check out this application – Paint.NET:
What is it?  Well it’s basically a free program originally designed to "replace" MS Paint.  However, unlike MS Paint, this image manipulation application also includes various features you will find in a full-on graphics editor (like Photoshop, GIMP etc…) – such as layers, undo, effects (Hum… Gaussian blur – for shadow (link) ) etc…
So if you are looking for something "light" and quick to edit your images, it’s worth giving this application a try – I found out how useful it is when I need to edit screenshots, for example, this screenshot:
Screenshot created (and edited) in Paint.NET - click for full-res. version.
 Have fun with it!
(Oh, but I guess those who are willing to spend enough time in Paint can still create some really decent stuff…
Here’s one I talked about back in FEB: