(A rather negative) Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 Beta review (Continued)

WMP logo
Right, I’ve just downloaded and tried the "new" (the official) beta of WMP 11 (-Ver 11.0.5358.4827-) but I am still rather un-impressed by it.
(Oh, by the way, you can find the first part of the WMP 11 "review" here:
Why?  Well from what I’ve seen, MS haven’t done much on this version apart from sorting out some GUI glitches.  So this means there’s still no quick access "button" that allows me to quickly do something without going into the "Library" tab. (And yeah, again, read my previous review for a more in-depth look (link) .)
To be honest, yes, WMP 11 looks (slightly) better than WMP 10, but unfortunately, MS have gotten so busy with simplifying the GUI, they seems to have forgotten about some compatibility – not in the sense of software, but in the sense of workflow; any frequent users of WMP will have to re-learn how they navigate though the application…
I guess in this case, MS have over-simplified the application and made it more difficult to use than necessary – at least for the users who have been using the older versions of WMP…
(Now, can anyone tell me where the "Contribute suggestion" link is on the WMP 11 homepage?  I can’t seem to find it…)

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