Software recommendation: Paint.NET

Paint.NET logo


If you still use MS Paint for graphical work, first of all, I pity you…  Secondly, you most definitely should check out this application – Paint.NET:
What is it?  Well it’s basically a free program originally designed to "replace" MS Paint.  However, unlike MS Paint, this image manipulation application also includes various features you will find in a full-on graphics editor (like Photoshop, GIMP etc…) – such as layers, undo, effects (Hum… Gaussian blur – for shadow (link) ) etc…
So if you are looking for something "light" and quick to edit your images, it’s worth giving this application a try – I found out how useful it is when I need to edit screenshots, for example, this screenshot:
Screenshot created (and edited) in Paint.NET - click for full-res. version.
 Have fun with it!
(Oh, but I guess those who are willing to spend enough time in Paint can still create some really decent stuff…
Here’s one I talked about back in FEB:

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