Software recommendation: Calculate – a command-line calculator

Calculator icon
Seeing how shitty my mental arithmetic skills are and how lazy I am, I find it incredibly annoying to use the windows calculator (calc.exe) (or getting a real calculator out for that matter).
Anyways, I thought you might appreciate this little application I found on the net a while ago called "calculate":
It is basically a command-line calculator that you can run directly in cmd and it also support various functions within the Math class (such as Pow, Sin, Abs etc…).
Yes, it’s not the most powerful calculator in the wold (in fact, far from it…) but, it does what it is supposed to do – allow quick calculations to be done quickly and easily.
(Tip: Rename "calculate.exe" to something shorter like "calcc.exe" and place it under a registered PATH (or under the "system32" folder…) to allow quick access from cmd by simply typing calcc  )
Of course, if you want something that’s prettier to use, you can always check out the PowerToy Calculator (powercalc.exe):

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