Dell laptop “explosion”

Here’s one you definitely don’t want to happen to you while you are using your laptop on your lap:
Dell laptop on fire
According to the article, it was a Dell laptop that blew up – but I seriously can’t think how that can happen…
Anyway, here’s the originating article:

USB Teddy Bear

lol, this definitely cracks me up:
USB Teddy Bear
Poor Teddy… that’s all I can say,  .
Here’s the originating article:

PlayStation and PlayStation 2 debug and test system photos

PS2 debug console
For those of you who are interested in seeing what the development system of the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 looks like, TechRepublic have posted a set of photographs here:

Ouch… (PS3 pricing)

I guess I now know what I won’t be getting any time soon…
I mean, £550 for a game console!?  I might as well spend half as much on a lovely PDA, which is much more practical…

7 steps to delete a shortcut (in Vista)

lol, this is just a brilliant case of over-engineered protection (due to the whole UAC (User Account Control) thingy in Vista):
7 steps to delete a shortcut (in Vista) - click for full-res. version.
Here’s the originating site: 

W00t! The Pirate Bay is back!

TPB logo (Hollybay)
Sweet  The Pirate Bay (TPB) is now back!
Torrent away!

Mozilla Firefox update -Ver

Mozilla Firefox logo
Right, time to do your Firefox update – is out.
This update mainly addresses several vulnerabilities (link) (kinda like the last one…)
Anyway, you can get the update at the Firefox homepage:
You can take a look at the release notes here: