Microsoft Photosynth

Microsoft Photosynth logo
, this looks like another really cool piece of software up there with the likes of Google Earth (link):
So what is it?  Well, (when it comes out…) it’s going to allow you to re-construct various places you’ve taken photos of in a virtual 3-D environment.
From watching the videos, the team plans to enable some sort of a cross-referencing system where photos taken by others will be combined with your own to produce a highly detailed virtual environment.
You can check out the videos from the 2 URLs below (videos are 1280 x 720 in size and about 160 MB a pop):
Video 1 (Product overview)
Video 2 (Product demo!)
If you want smaller versions, they are on the following pages:
So I guess my holiday plans will involve first flying around in Google Earth and then browse around on the ground in the shared libraries of Microsoft Photosynth – Definitely beats queuing at the airport security and sitting on a plane for hours,  !

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