Evanescence – The Open Door (review)

Alright, forget about what I said previously – yes the album sounds awful when you first listen to it, but once you’ve gotten used to the weird way in which the wonderful choruses are joint together (and the crappy endings of the songs…), what you are left with are one of the usual Evanescence goodness – excellent choruses.
However, that’s not the say the album is good – it’s still way below expectation (considering I liked almost every single song on "Fallen"…) but I’m just saying there are a few songs on there that are good.  So here they are:
• 03 – Weight of the World <– Only the chorus though… the rest of the song is crap…
• 04 – Lithium
• 05 – Cloud Nine
• 06 – Snow White Queen
• 07 – Lacrymosa

—- Update —-
05/09/2006 @ 23:03
If you are going to get some songs off the album, below are the ones I find OK as a whole:
• 04 – Lithium
• 07 – Lacrymosa
I mean, there are other songs with good choruses but the rest of the song… well, it just isn’t up to scratch:
• 05 – Cloud Nine <– Almost made it into my "OK" category… if it wasn’t for the horrible start of the song…
• 06 – Snow White Queen
• 13 – Good Enough <– Only the first minute of the song though…  It is a really beautiful start but the rest is un-inspiring…
Actually, for those of you who are interested, apparently, the first minute of "Good Enough" was originally written for the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia" (link), however, according to Wikipedia, the director rejected it as it was "too dark and epic".
—- Original post —-
Ok, please, someone tell me the one leaked onto the net wasn’t the real deal (please read my previous post here)…
I mean…  I dunno, I’m sorry, but the new album (assuming the leaked version is indeed the real deal) is… well… awful!
I have to say, the album’s style was so urm… "unexpected" (and not in a good way…) that I kept asking myself "what the hell are they doing!?" – yes, it was that bad…
They should have stuck to what worked and not try to fix what’s not broken  …

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