Firefox 2.0!

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Sweet!  Firefox 2.0 is now officially out!
You can get it here:
(Yeah, I know, it was on Mozilla’s FTP servers yesterday (or even the day before that…) – still, I wasn’t sure if that is the final release or not…)
—- Update —-
24/10/2006 @ 23:08
Oops, I shouldn’t have done it so soon – as most of my extensions are not compatible with it…  I guess I’ll just have to wait until those extensions gets updated first…
Arh well… back to

Hard drive recovery presentation

If you are at all interested in hard drive recovery (or just what’s inside of it), here’s a presentation by a recovery professional Scott Moulton:
He starts off by talking about the basic structure and operation of a hard drive, he then goes onto talk about the most common types of failures (i.e. what you should look for and do should your hard drive fails) and some description of how he fixes hard drives.
Just in case you are interested, here’s the actual page the video link was pulled from:

GPL-ed DI-624 firmware!?

Oouh, here’s one I didn’t expect to come across – it looks like D-Link U.K. have released the source code to the DI-624 router under GPL!
D-Link FW page screenshot - Click for full-res version
Here’s a link to DI-624 rev. Cx’s FW download page:

Rumoured Vista piracy protection

Oh my mother fucking god, as if WGA and OGA is not bad enough, this is just waaaaaay fucked up (if it is true):
Come-on Microsoft, I’m sure the validation system is going to be so perfect that there will be no false positive – I mean, please… give us a break… we’ve all seen how much we loved WGA and how accurate it is!
Hey, here’s an idea, how about spending the development budget (and time) on the following 2 things instead:
• Delivering promised features.
• Making your new OS less of a resource hog and make it still look half decent!
—- Update —-
05/10/2006 @ 23:07
lol, while we are on the subject of WGA reliability, looks like MS fucked it up again!