My switch to Ogg Vorbis

Vorbis logo
Finally, I’ve dumped WMA and made the switch to Ogg Vorbis.
And for anyone who’s planning to do that, here’re some tools that you’ll probably need:
• Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition:
(You’ll just have to find a copy somewhere yourself…)
• OGG plugin for CEP / AA:
• dB Power AMP Music Converter (and Vorbis plugin):
• ffdshow:
• OGG Splitter (you’ll need this if you want to play Vorbis files with Windows Media Player – even with ffdshow installed…):
• WMP Tag Support Extender (if you use WMP and want to import OGG files into WMP library):
Explorer shell tools:
• Vorbis Extension (lets you edit tags via the file properties window):
One problem if you are using WMP 11 is that currently, seeking for Vorbis files is broken once it is imported into the library – the only usable solution is to downgrade to WMP10… Arh well

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