Software recommendation: musikCube (a Windows Media Player alternative)

musikCube logo - click to go to musikCube's homepage
I’ve been meaning to find a good alternative to that bloated player we call "Windows Media Player" (WMP) for ages now and this week, I think I’ve found it!
It’s a program called musikCube (link) – like WMP, it has media library functionalities, but unlike WMP, it uses very little system resource (about 1 – 2% of a 3GHz P4 HT CPU) and about 10 MB of RAM on normal usage (5 MB on startup).
Here’re some of the other features I really like / find useful:
• Supports FLAC, OGG Vorbis, WMA, MP3 (just to name a few).
• It uses SQLite as the backend database engine – so you can go nuts in modifying the database outside of the program’s UI!
• Allows dynamic playlist generation based on SQL query  ! – I love this feature!
• Fade-in / Fade-out when starting, stopping, changing track with user definable length.
• Extensible via plugins – such as a MSN Messenger plugin for the song title.
• It’s open-source!
However, since this program is relatively young, there are a few bugs and also some stability issues – but you’ll quickly learn to work around them and enjoy the goodness that is musikCube!
Enough said, go check it out!