Notepad++ or EditPlus

I’ve spent most of Saturday looking at Notepad++ (link) as a potential replacement for EditPlus (link) (well… I was actually looking to put Notepad++ on my machine at work so I can actually view text / binary files bigger than 20 MB), and I have to say, there are some neat feature that Notepad++ has over EditPlus.
For example, Notepad++:
• Can be used as a hex editor (via plugin)
• It allows the ordering of tabs
• Allows collapse of elements in code – even though that’s nothing new in IDEs…
• The "Find all" feature – it displays all the matches in the bottom panel.
• Text highlighting.
• Allows developers to write plugins for it.
However, saying that, there are things I would like to see an improvement in Notepad++, mainly:
• Regular expression search and replace – for example, it doesn’t work quite right if you try and replace all with just "^" – but works if you replace it entry by entry…
• Spell checker – I’d love to see that gets integrated.
• The lack of a ruler (though there seems to be quite a lot of requests in the forum about this)
• Settings aren’t in one place – plugins has their own place for options (alright, that probably can’t be avoided), shortcut keys have its own dialogue to configure with, the same goes for style and general program options.  I find EditPlus’ preferences much easier to use and configure, as it’s logically laid out.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Notepad++ (hell I’m going to use it at work!) but I’m just pointing out the features I would like to see improved.
Don’t believe me?  Give Notepad++ a try – it’s free and GPL-ed!.
Have you got a text editor you’d recommend?  Drop me a comment.

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