Palm Foleo – my initial reaction

Palm Foleo
Ok, I really don’t get this device – the way I see it, it’s Palm OS ALP with a giant screen and a keyboard (no touch screen and mouse – I know there is a "mouse", but come-on, no tracker-pad!?).
I mean, I love the Palm OS on a small device for the convenience of the form factor, but if I’m to go for something this large, I might as well spend more money and get myself a full-featured convertible tablet with a SSD… (alright, I’ll have to spend a lot more money for that…).  Also (as I mentioned before) what’s up with the lack of touch screen!?  That’s the thing I love most about PDAs!
I thought Palm is trying to reduce the number of devices we carry?  And not to have us lugging around an extra laptop-sized device – won’t most (if not all) of the targeted user group (which I’d image be business execs.) already have a laptop / tablet anyway?
I just don’t think spending $500 on this product (on top of which you’ll probably need a smart phone) is a good idea – you are probably better off spending $300 for the TX and pocketing the $200 change – I just think it’s too much a price to pay to read emails on the go…  Especially when you have a laptop with you…
Actually this brings me onto my next point – where the hell are you going to use such a device?  It’s not like a PDA where you can get it out just about anywhere, this device is like a UMPC (at least the current generation anyway) – you can use it on a long trip but not on a half-hour train ride – and for long trips, a laptop / tablet would probably be a better choice anyway.
Arh well… I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up for this mysterious device in the first place, I guess I’m just disappointed…
I guess I’ll still be using my Zire 72s for a long time to come…

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