Apple Safari 3 on Windows

Oouh, interesting, Apple Safari browser on Windows.  What’s next, Aqua for Windows? lol… (Please… Apple… seriously… consider it!)
Not that I care about this too much – I love Firefox too much to switch – but I guess I can cheat a little on the side and mess around with Safari for a bit  .  (Shhhh! – Don’t tell Firefox! – I’m also writing this blog on MSIE – yeah… I know… it’s bad… MSIE as well…)
VMware away! (this weekend…)
In the mean time, you can check out Paul Thurrott’s review here:
Or if you feel adventurous / bored:
—- Update —-
15/06/2007 @ 23:54:
Well, tried it in VM – it need to be much better before it can even be a contender to MSIE (alright, it has to be a lot better).
I mean, it looks really beautiful with all the Aqua buttons, scroll bars and animations, but there are some rather annoying issues with its UI (not to mention some security problems as well) – for example, not being able to just hold down the middle mouse button and drag to scroll, can’t middle-click on tab to close (you have to find the not so obvious close button on the left hand side of each tab – and it’s not helped by the fact that the brushed metal skin makes it really difficult to see), can’t customize the button layout etc…
But I guess the browser is still in beta at the moment so those issues will hopefully get resolved – but as I said before, I really don’t care about Safari – Firefox rulez!  lol.

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