Ghetto GPS Signal booster

In keeping with the spirit of cheap mods (like this site here), here’s one you may or may not already know:
GPS Reciever on a metal lid
Yup, that’s right, GPS receiver on a metal lid boosts reception by quite a few dBs – and the best part about this "mod" is that it doesn’t cost me anything!
Here’s what I get:
No metal lid…

With metal lid!

No metal lid

With metal lid

Just in case you’re wondering what software the above screenshots are taken from, I got them from "NMEA Monitor".
You can get it at:

MSN Messenger / WLM (?) webcam exploit

Oh this is not good for those of you who hate Windows Live Messenger and want to stick with MSN Messenger 7.x instead…
Apparently, an exploit had been posted on a chinese forum (link) that indicates the webcam feature of MSN Messenger 7.x can be exploited to run code remotely.
The good news is that user interaction is required (by the means of accepting the webcam invitation), but the bad news is that there’s currently no patch (nor do I think there will be one) for version 7.x.
Here Secunia’s advisory on this:

Deinterlacing PS2 videos (e.g. GT3, GT4 intro FMVs) – a better solution

If you have been reading my blogs, you would have remembered ages ago I wrote one on deinterlacing Gran Turismo 3 videos (link).
Well, seeing that I’ve recently got GT4 (yeah, I know… it’s took me this long to get it…) and I’m still not too happy with the deinterlace result (still got some artifacts…), I decided to do some more research into how to deinterlace video properly.
It turns out the best way to deinterlace is to use the "bob" method, and the script looks something like below:
# Mashing the top-half and bottom-half into an interlaced frame - same as before:
top = Crop(0,0,width,height/2)
bottom = Crop(0,height/2,width,height/2)
Interleave(bottom, top)
# Below are the modifications:
bob (0.0,1.0)
Doing so will result in a smooooooth 60 FPS video (or 50 FPS for PAL) with no artifacts – the only down side to this is nothing is done to improve the stair-step effect.
Just to give you an idea what the end result looks like (sorry – can’t illustrate the smoothness of 60 FPS using a picture…), here’s an example from GT3 that is deinterlaced using the bob method:
And here’s the same frame deinterlaced using LeakKernelDeint (notice the deinterlacing artifact in the Laguna Seca" logo?)
Here’s the RAW frame:
Just in case anyone’s interested, I got the above method from:
(scroll down to "How to deinterlace the movie the right way (Progressive Scan)" )
Actually, there is another method to bob and LeakKernelDeint that looked promising – SmoothDeinterlace (you can find more about this filter here).
However, I cannot use that plugin in real-time as motion appears to be really jagged (probably due to my machine not fast enough to keep up).
The plugin also gave me some obvious deinterlacing artifacts after tweaking, but it does do some edge interpolation (so the stair-step effect is slightly minimized).
Does anyone know of a deinterlacing method that works well in real-time without artifacts?  Drop me a comment.

Such a beautiful song: Tarja Turunen – The Eyes of a Child

This is such a beautiful song:
Tarja Turunen – The Eyes of a Child
It’s from her album Henkäys Ikuisuudesta.
Get it here:

Diskeeper information disclosure exploit

For those of you who have Diskeeper 9 / 10 / 11 installed, you might want to pay attention to this one.
There is a information disclosure exploit via RPC for the diskeeper service (DkService.exe), and this one is exploitable remotely…
Until a vendor patch is released, please block TCP:31038 from being publicly accessible.
More details are available at:
(Oh, and since it’s the second TUE of the month, need I remind you today is Patch Tuesday?)

Media Player Classic (MPC) crash on seeking FLAC file resolved!

Another day, another annoying problem resolved.  This time, the problem is Media Player Classic (MPC) crashing when I try to seek a FLAC file.
It turns out the culprit is – it came with a really old codec pack back in 2005 called "Matroska Pack" (the full version), and the file is located in the Matroska installation directory (e.g. "%ProgramFiles%Matroska").
Unregistering it (regsvr32 /u and registering a new version of the FLAC source filter (like the official OGG / FLAC one here) seems to have done the trick in fixing the problem.
Here’s a longer version (and what I ended up doing):
1 – Uninstalled the "Matroska Pack".
2 – Installed the official OGG / FLAC DirectShow filters from:
3 – Re-installed ffdshow and re-imported the settings – the re-install is just a safe thing to do – but the MP uninstaller did remove all the ffdshow settings… (good job I have a recent backup!).
I guess the lesson here is to NEVER install any codec pack – but in my defence, I really thought I needed this to encode Matroska files… (But hey, it was back in 2005 – I was still young and stupid even more stupid (yeah unfortunately, I’m still a bit retarded sometimes nowadays: link ! ) )
Oh, and how did I find out it was  Process Explorer (link) –> Looking at the running threads + some guess work Wink !

“Access is denied.” error when moving folder resolved!

Yey, another annoying problem resolved – this time, it’s the problem where you get "Access is denied." when you try to move a folder using move.
The resolution?  Simply find out what process is using that folder and closing it – in my case, it’s explorer.exe (I had a window open on that folder…).
Yeah, I know, the solution is so simple and it makes me look like an idiot…  Still, it wouldn’t hurt if move can display a more user-friendly error message, say, for example:
"Cannot move folder, it is in use by explorer.exe"
Arh well.