Network file shares (SMB shares) with ZoneAlarm Pro slow / no file access problem solved!

If you are using ZoneAlarm Pro and experiencing one of the following behaviour / errors when you’re trying to access networked file shares:
• [File operation timing out]
• "File or network path no longer exists."
• "The network path was not found."
• "The specified network name is no longer available."
• Rebooting resolved the issue temporary.
Make sure you configure ZoneAlarm Pro to the following conditions:
• Target server(s) is configured in "Trusted" zone (with default configuration – you can however, deny incoming NBT requests).
• NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT / NetBT) ports are allowed to the trusted server(s) – that’s TCP, UDP: 135, 137-139 and 445 .
Maybe I’m retarded or something – but this error has been bugging me for a good part of a year now and I’m so glad I managed to get it resolved…
It seems "Zones" have precedence over the generic "Expert" rules in ZAP – I would expect it to be the other way round…
P.S.  If this still doesn’t work, I’d suggest starting off from a fresh ZAP database – it worked for me on a fresh DB (never tried it with a old DB though…).

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