Media Player Classic (MPC) crash on seeking FLAC file resolved!

Another day, another annoying problem resolved.  This time, the problem is Media Player Classic (MPC) crashing when I try to seek a FLAC file.
It turns out the culprit is – it came with a really old codec pack back in 2005 called "Matroska Pack" (the full version), and the file is located in the Matroska installation directory (e.g. "%ProgramFiles%Matroska").
Unregistering it (regsvr32 /u and registering a new version of the FLAC source filter (like the official OGG / FLAC one here) seems to have done the trick in fixing the problem.
Here’s a longer version (and what I ended up doing):
1 – Uninstalled the "Matroska Pack".
2 – Installed the official OGG / FLAC DirectShow filters from:
3 – Re-installed ffdshow and re-imported the settings – the re-install is just a safe thing to do – but the MP uninstaller did remove all the ffdshow settings… (good job I have a recent backup!).
I guess the lesson here is to NEVER install any codec pack – but in my defence, I really thought I needed this to encode Matroska files… (But hey, it was back in 2005 – I was still young and stupid even more stupid (yeah unfortunately, I’m still a bit retarded sometimes nowadays: link ! ) )
Oh, and how did I find out it was  Process Explorer (link) –> Looking at the running threads + some guess work Wink !

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