Deinterlacing PS2 videos (e.g. GT3, GT4 intro FMVs) – a better solution

If you have been reading my blogs, you would have remembered ages ago I wrote one on deinterlacing Gran Turismo 3 videos (link).
Well, seeing that I’ve recently got GT4 (yeah, I know… it’s took me this long to get it…) and I’m still not too happy with the deinterlace result (still got some artifacts…), I decided to do some more research into how to deinterlace video properly.
It turns out the best way to deinterlace is to use the "bob" method, and the script looks something like below:
# Mashing the top-half and bottom-half into an interlaced frame - same as before:
top = Crop(0,0,width,height/2)
bottom = Crop(0,height/2,width,height/2)
Interleave(bottom, top)
# Below are the modifications:
bob (0.0,1.0)
Doing so will result in a smooooooth 60 FPS video (or 50 FPS for PAL) with no artifacts – the only down side to this is nothing is done to improve the stair-step effect.
Just to give you an idea what the end result looks like (sorry – can’t illustrate the smoothness of 60 FPS using a picture…), here’s an example from GT3 that is deinterlaced using the bob method:
And here’s the same frame deinterlaced using LeakKernelDeint (notice the deinterlacing artifact in the Laguna Seca" logo?)
Here’s the RAW frame:
Just in case anyone’s interested, I got the above method from:
(scroll down to "How to deinterlace the movie the right way (Progressive Scan)" )
Actually, there is another method to bob and LeakKernelDeint that looked promising – SmoothDeinterlace (you can find more about this filter here).
However, I cannot use that plugin in real-time as motion appears to be really jagged (probably due to my machine not fast enough to keep up).
The plugin also gave me some obvious deinterlacing artifacts after tweaking, but it does do some edge interpolation (so the stair-step effect is slightly minimized).
Does anyone know of a deinterlacing method that works well in real-time without artifacts?  Drop me a comment.

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