Futurama is back!

"Bender's Big Score" DVD cover
Woohoo!  After such a long time, Futurama is finally back!
I’m downloading the episode at the moment so the review will just have to wait…  But hopefully, it should be good.
You can get the film here:
—- Update —-
2007-11-20 @ 17:44:
The film rocks! There’s a really surprising and wonderful twist at the end – I won’t say what it is but I’m definitely sure you’ll like it.
2007-11-20 @ 17:44:
I’ve also watched The Simpsons Movie today (and about time…) and I gotta say, I like the Futurama movie a lot more – The Simpsons Movie feels more like a really long TV episode, whereas the Futurama movie has a well developed plot line with well placed humour.
2007-11-26 @ 00:00:
There’s a better quality version with 5.1 surround sound here:

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